What is the best way to surprise your guests and give them a good first impression of your home?  

Welcoming FamilyThe answer is that you need to make sure they are stunned by how great your living room looks and feels! People need to be able to see everything around them, so make sure there is enough space in the room and it’s not too cluttered. This will make them feel comfortable.


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You should also consider different color schemes when decorating your living room with furniture and accessories. Different colors create different feelings. This article will also show you how to create a functional layout that will work well in your home!  


Consider the Space of the Living Room

Slimline U-Shape Sofa   You need to make sure that the space in the room is just right for your creative layout. Therefore, consider what size of furniture you plan to buy because it needs to be able to fit comfortably in your living room.

For example, if the furniture is too big the living room will look unbalanced and cluttered. In addition to looking cramped, it will not be easy to move around freely.

 Image: Slimline U-Shape Sofa


On the other hand, it’s also important that your furniture is not too small for the room. It will make your living room appear empty and unfinished. Use the numbers below to help you plan out your living room layout and then make purchasing decisions for furniture. 


Here are a few distance essentials to think about: 

  • Distance from¬†your¬†sofa to¬†the¬†coffee table:¬†40¬†to¬†45¬†cm¬†
  • Distance from¬†your¬†sofa to¬†the¬†opposite sofa or chairs:¬†2¬†to¬†2,75 meters¬†
  • Distance from¬†your¬†TV to¬†the¬†sofa:¬†multiply the¬†TV¬†size by¬†2,75¬†¬†
For example, if your TV is 50 inches/127 cm, place your sofa about 3,5 meters away from your TV (127 cm x 2,75 = 3,49 meters).
If you find that you do not have enough space, you may need to remove some furniture items or opt for smaller sizes.   


Play with Different Color Schemes 

There are many different color schemes, such as monochromatic, triadic, and analogous. There are also complementary and split-complementary color schemes you can choose from. Whichever color scheme you select, be sure to remain consistent in your living room.  


Color Schemes to Consider:

Soho CollectionMonochromatic: Monochromatic color schemes are made up of different shades of just one color. These colors may be near one another on the rainbow, or they may not. It all depends on what you want to do with your decorating scheme. 


Image: Soho Collection


Triadic: Triadic color schemes are made up of three colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. A common example of this is red, blue, and yellow. 

Triadic color schemes are great for people who want something that looks very artistic and unique, but they can be hard to pull off. They do require a lot of thoughtful planning but can be highly creative if done correctly.  


Hampton 3-Seat SofaAnalogous: Analogous color schemes are made up of different shades of just two colors, such as red and pink, blue and green, or yellow and orange. You can have a lot of fun with these colors if you plan it out properly because they all look pretty good together! 


Image: Hampton 3-Seat Sofa


Complementary: Complementary color schemes are made up of different shades of just two colors, such as blue and orange or yellow and violet. You can make a statement with these combinations because they stand out so much. 

Split-Complementary: These color schemes are split complementary color schemes because there is a third, neutral color added to the mix. There are many different variations of this color scheme.  


Be Functional with your Furniture and Living Room

When considering your creative layout, you should also make sure that it is functional. Functional means that you take advantage of your space. For example, instead of adding an extra table to your living room, consider shelving units for your accessories. This keeps your space open.  


La Vida Storage 3-Seat Sofa


Image: La Vida Storage 3-Seat Sofa


Also, be sure to stay organized. Keep unneeded items stored away. Storage ottomans are also an excellent way to create a functional living room. You can keep your extra throw pillows or sofa throws folded neatly inside.  


‚ÄúThe creative living room design¬†process¬†can be one of the most time-consuming projects you do.‚ÄĚ


This is a statement that we hear all too often, and for good reason! There are many things to consider when creating a¬†stunning¬†look in your¬†living room.¬†One of the most important considerations is the size of the room and how there is space for people to move around. Playing with color and remaining functional will surprise your guests ‚Äď in a good way!¬†We hope it helps you make better decisions about your own home decorating project.

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