Different sofa design and style that you should know.


Slimline lshape 3 seat sofa
When you are searching for a sofa you should research the different styles available to you. This is important because sofas are the most noticeable item guests will see when they enter your living room. They have various styles, sizes, and functions, so selecting the right one can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. The information below will help you understand more about different sofa styles and which is most suitable for you and your home.


Lawson sofas are built for comfort, so they are characterized by thick, low arms, and a higher back. Sometimes the back is slanted and has cushions for more support. The Lawson style is recommended for those who enjoy their sofa as a place to relax, watch movies, and taking naps. The classic form of this style is a 3 seat sofa, but a Lawson can also be a two-seat sofa or a one seat sofa chair. The Lawson design can also be modular or sectional. We will discuss these types of sofas later.
Aztec 3 seat sofa white

Aztec Sofa

Presidio 3 seat sofa tan

Presidio Sofa



Mid-Century Modern

The features of the mid-century modern design are characterized by clean lines, solid wood legs, and minimalist design. Sometimes, they can even have a retro appearance. This type of furniture is once again growing in popularity, and Vinoti Living has created several designs that fall into the mid-century modern category. This furniture style is recommended for those who are design and space conscious. These sofas are suitable for smaller areas such as apartments or villas. Keep in mind, however, there are many different varieties of this furniture style. For example, some sofas have unique designs that remain very comfortable but can vary in size.
Chelsea 3 seat sofa
Columbus 3 seat sofa
Slimline L-shape 3 seat sofa


The tuxedo sofa style is unique and exhibits high, straight arms that remain in line with the back. This model is typically tufted (usually with buttons, although other adornments are possible) and has exposed legs. The tuxedo style does not use accompanying back pillows like the Lawson sofa, but it can be decorated with other throw pillows if you wish to make a statement in your living room. This type of sofa is suitable for contemporary styled homes because of its sleek appearance. Although this style is seen as a three-seat sofa, it is not uncommon for furniture designers to make two-seat sofas or one seat sofa chairs in a similar way.
Hampton 3-seat sofa Beige Tuxedo style


The Chesterfield design is traditional, but not in a dull sense. In fact, it has unique features that still make it one of the most popular sofa styles around the world. It usually has a tufted back, while some models may have tufted seat cushions as well. The arms of the sofa are in line with the back, and the legs are generally exposed.  Unlike the tuxedo model, however, the arms of a chesterfield are rolled outward. This style is recommended for those who enjoy a traditional look, but still like to add flair to their living room. It looks excellent just the way it is, or you can add colorful cushions to give it a contemporary feel without committing to a completely new style.
Savoy 3-Seat Sofa Beige Chesterfield inspired

  Savoy Sofa



This type of sofa stands out in a living room. With its trademark style, it will surely receive attention from your visitors. Cabriole initially referred to the style of legs which exhibit a unique S shape. The Cabriole also has continuous arms that run through the back. Sometimes these sofas are covered with fabric throughout, but mostly they will have exposed wood running from arm to arm. The back of this sofa is typically exposed, and the backrest generally has no cushions.  The exposed wood is often carved. This sofa is recommended for homes that exhibit a classic style or for individuals who prefer more back support.
Belle 3-Seat Sofa Beige Cabriole Style

Belle Sofa


Functional Sofas

Functional sofas can be used in a variety of ways, and their layout can either serve a specific purpose or be arranged based on the needs of the person. For example, a sectional sofa has multiple pieces that are meant to be arranged in a sofa shape. Often you see these types of sofas as L-shape, U-shape, J-shape, or semi-circle designs. Sectional sofas are much more comfortable to move and can be expanded or reduced by adding or subtracting different pieces. Sofa beds are also considered a functional sofa. Most people use them in a guest or living room for evenings when you have a guest. It folds out into a bed and some of these sofa beds provide storage under the bed. Functional sofas, whether sofa beds or sectionals are not mutually exclusive of other styles that this post has discussed. For instance, sectional sofas can be mid-century modern or share similarities with Lawson sofas. 
Tuscany U-Shape Sofa Beige  Aztec U-shape sofa white blue summer
Newbury Curve L-Shape Sofa La Vida Storage Sofa bed 
While this list is not exhaustive, it should paint a picture of the leading sofa styles. Lawson sofas are often seen as the most comfortable, but that does not mean that other categories are any less comfortable.
Comfort and style depend on the person and the needs of their home. The appearance of a sofa is equally important because it is the centerpiece of your living room. Choosing the right style will set the tone for the room and create your desired ambiance.
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