There are many different pieces of furniture you can put in your living room, but here are four that you should not be without: a comfortable sofa, a coffee table, a TV credenza, and a bookcase.

Calla L-Shape Sofa


1. A Comfortable Sofa

A living room is arguably the most important room in your home. It is often where you spend the most time relaxing with friends, family or alone. That is why a comfortable sofa should be the first item you consider when filling your living room with furniture.


Since sofas come in different sizes, consider how big of a sofa you need. If your room is large, a three-seat sofa or sectional sofa set might be the perfect size for you. If you have an apartment or a smaller home, a three-seat or two-seat sofa could be enough. Whichever size sofa you select, just remember that a living room is incomplete without one.


3-Seat Sofa Collection
L-Shape Sofa Collection


Colette 3-Seat SofaNara L-Shape 3-Seat Sofa


2. A Coffee Table

There are many different styles of coffee tables available in the Indonesian furniture market, so do your research. For example, there are square, circular, and rectangular coffee tables. If you have a sofa with sharp lines, we recommend a square or rectangular coffee table, while a round coffee table is better with a sofa that has curves. You should also consider the finish of the wood.


A high gloss coffee table might look absolutely stunning in your living room, but remember that you will need coasters or a table runner to ensure it does not get scratched. Although these are great for creating a classy ambiance, we suggest a matte finish if your coffee table will be for functional use only.  


Hampton 3-Seat Sofa


Hampton Coffee Table


3. A TV Credenza or Stand


More than 95% of homes have a TV. Whether you decide to mount the TV or place it on a stand, a TV credenza or stand is still needed. They hold your electronic equipment and ensure your living room does not look too messy. A TV stand provides storage as well. Most have drawers and shelves for storing clutter.  


Presidio TV Bench


Presidio TV Bench


4. Bookcases or Shelves

If so, bookshelves are the perfect place to display them. They can also be used for showcasing décors such as picture frames, figurines, and flowers


Dexter Shelving


Dexter Shelving


Living rooms are meant to be relaxing, beautiful spaces. You can decorate your living room in many different ways, but a sofa, coffee table, TV credenza, and bookshelf are must-haves.

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