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What style dining chair do you have? If you don't know, read below. There are plenty of dining chairs out there, but sometimes people don’t know which type to choose. Below we will answer some of the most common questions about dining room chairs.

What type of dining chair should I get for my home?

That is a question with many answers. It depends on the style and space of your home. First, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my home contemporary, modern, classy or formal?  
  • How big is my current dining table, and what is the shape?

Once you have answers, you can narrow the options.

Alright, I have my answers. So what types of chairs are available to me?

Let’s start with the types of chairs and their characteristics. Mainly, you’ll find armchairs or side chairs. Other than armchairs and side chairs, there are also more unique styles such as Parsons, wingback, and vintage French chairs. Keep in mind, some of these chairs can be considered side chairs. Read below to learn more.

Arm Chair

Hampton dining chair with arm      Chelsea Arm Chair

Hampton Dining Chair with Arm & Chelsea Armchair

  • Armchairs are associated with class.
  • Some informal models are available too.
  • Normally, you place armchairs at the ends of a long, rectangular dining table.


Side Chairs

St Tropez dining chairTribeca dining chair

St. Tropez Dining Chair & Tribeca Dining Chair

  • Side chairs are meant to be on the sides of a rectangular dining table.
  • They are suitable for round and square dining tables also.
  • Rectangular dining tables can use side chairs on either end and do not necessarily require an armchair.  

There are classy, vintage side chairs. You can also find chic, contemporary side chairs. Use your creative license to decide which one works best for you.



 Savoy dining chair            Simplicity dining chair           Panama diningchair        Aztec dining chair

Savoy, Simplicity, Panama & Aztec Dining Chair

  • A type of side chair.
  • These chairs are well known from the Parsons School of Design.
  • These chairs are simple with straight lines.
  • Some display unique qualities such as a tufted or patterned back.
  • Suitable for modern or classic styles homes.


Wingback Chairs


Camille dining chair        Camille dining chair side

Camille Dining Chair

  • Wing back dining chairs give your dining room a feel of coziness.
  • Not technically an armchair, but suitable on either end of the dining table.
  • Noticeable design with a winged backrest feature.
  • Comfortable and usually upholstered.


Vintage French


Belle dining chair         Belle oval dining chair

Belle Dining Chair & Belle Oval Dining Chair

  • They create an opulent and classy atmosphere.
  • Multiple styles, but they mainly exhibit wooden legs and trim.
  • Different backrest styles such as an oval back, square, or customized.
  • These chairs can be used all the way around your square, rectangular, or circular dining table.
  • A distinct style, so you should consider the rest of your dining room to ensure it fits.

I am still unsure. What about a standard type of chair suitable for any dining room?

In this situation, we recommend a Parsons side chair with neutral fabric colors. For example, the Simplicity Dining Chair is suitable for almost any dining room due to its unpretentious design. If you’re looking to remain simple, but provide some flare, the Presidio dining chair is also a safe bet. If you have any questions, you can visit your local Vinoti Living store or contact us through WhatsApp.

Do you have any other advice for selecting dining chairs?

We cannot stress enough the importance of defining your own style. You will find so many different styles of dining chairs. Select the one you like the most because they will be with you for a while.

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