Bali Decor and Furniture

Although Bali is famous for tourism, over 4 million people call Bali their home. And you can’t blame them. The beaches are gorgeous, and the sun feels great. The food scene has expanded to feature a variety of global cuisines. 

Bali Home Decor Interior


Bali Home Styles 

Food and sunshine are not the only reasons to come to Bali. There are also several unique homes, villas, and hotels in Bali with unique architecture and decor. If you look closely, you’ll notice a few common themes:

  • Balinese homes, villas, and hotels are often composed of multiple different pavilions.
  • The compounds (known as pakarangan) usually have a wide-open communal space in the center.
  • The homes are well ventilated with enormous windows and gaps between the roofs and the walls below.
  • They incorporate the outdoors as often as possible.
  • Houses have at least three large walls surrounding the property for privacy.



Bali Home Decor Interior
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Presidio Dining Set

Living Room Furniture in Bali

Inside a home in Bali, however, you will find vast stylistic differences. So if you are looking to decorate your own home in Bali, you have a creative license. For example, furniture can be either contemporary, modern, or traditional. Sofas have simple or distinct styles and you will often see colorful throw pillows or cushions to make the interior more bright and expressive. You can follow a similar pattern. Keep in mind many homes have exposed wood inside, so sofas with exposed wooden legs work the best. Living rooms may also be adorned with various wood carvings or figurines. What works in one house may not work in another. Therefore, it’s best to decide on a theme that suits your personal taste.


Dining Room Furniture in Bali

Balance the dining room with the living room to follow the same theme as the rest of the house. Since walls are often wood or neutral tones, furniture should be cohesive. In most cases, it is best to use tables made of full wood and a splash of color with a table runner, potted plants, or an accessorized sideboard. If your home is closed concept, then you have much more flexibility. For example, you can find dining chairs with or without upholstery. Sideboards are also a welcome addition to your home. As they are generally made of full wood, they are suitable for the Bali climate. 

 Bedroom Furniture in Bali

Presidio Bedroom collection

In the bedroom select furniture, such as a bed frame, that is almost entirely wooden. Homes that are exposed to the outdoors are prone to high humidity, so avoid a fabric headboard if you can. Flowers and artwork are also a brilliant way to bring color into the bedroom, while floor rugs can tie the room together. 

These are just a few suggestions to inspire your interior in Bali. They will help you build a foundation on which you can define your own style and theme. Houses in Bali follow many traditional building requirements, but the interiors are much more flexible. Therefore, select furniture and accessories that bring a delicate balance to the home.

If you have any questions about décor for your home, villa, or hotel in Bali, please visit our showroom in Renon or Mall Bali Galeria.