Holidays can be the happiest times of the year. They bring friends and family together, creating a feeling of warmth for everyone. As Chinese New Year approaches, it’s essential to make sure your homes generate that feeling of warmth and comfort for guests too. So, how can you create a great home environment during the Chinese New Year? Below we will share five tips to help you prepare.



  1. Clean your home!

Before the Chinese New Year begins, it is essential to clean and refresh your home. This action is not only symbolic but practical as well. By cleaning your living space, you are sweeping away the old, negative energy away from your home (and plenty of dust too). If your home has grown increasingly dark over the year through the clutter and dark-colored accents, begin to switch up the colors. Typically, gold and red are the perfect colors, but any lighter colors will work to freshen and brighten up your home. For example, change darker bedsheets with new crisp white sheets. Not only will they be clean, but they will make a significant impact on how your room feels.

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  1. Replace your Sofa and Chair Throw Pillows

When preparing your home, the first thing to do is consider your furniture. You do not need to change your sofas or chairs, but you can easily change their accents with different colors suitable for Chinese New Year. For example, red and gold throw cushion covers are a quick way to set the tone in your home and show holiday spirit. We have created a throw cushion guide for you to see the different ways you can arrange your throw cushions on your favorite sectionals sofas, two and three-seat sofas, and chairs.

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  1. Focus on Family

Technology is helpful, useful, and practical in this era. Family, however, also deserves your attention. Take a few pictures, and then relax on your sofa by spending the rest of the time interacting with your loved ones. You can also watch a movie together or play games. Try to focus on the reason why you gathered in the first place.

  1. Spruce up your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is an easy space to modify with small, but impactful changes to give your home Chinese New Year flare. This can be done by using gold and red accents supported by flowers, trays, or figurines. A gold vase, for example, adds those colors to your living room. Another useful method for changing the appearance of your coffee table is with a table runner. For instance, replacing an older, darker colored table runner with a fresh and bright color will have a profound effect.

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  1. Make your Dining Table your centerpiece

Since Chinese New Year is a time to gather and eat, your dining table will be on full display. You can decorate your table with accented table runners, vases, and flowers. Since there are many options available, you can pick and choose which colors you like, remember that Chinese New Year is best represented with red and gold. Keep in mind, beauty is essential, but remain functional and create a focal point. For example, a vase with flowers is a very common focal point. You can also use a table cloth to protect the table and use a table runner with a contrasting color. 

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